Saturday, May 2, 2009

Obsession with Sketchbooks, Journals and Books

Why is this obsession with paper? It represents ideas, words, art, clutter, wood, trees and environment. In Hinduism, there is Saraswati , Goddess of learning. The literal meaning of the name Sarasvati is the one who gives the essential knowledge (Sara) of our own Self (Sva).

No wonder, I love to have papers and once you add words and sketches and photos, you get close to it. Will I replace that with electronic notebooks or digital Kindle? I don't think so. I recently attended an architecture lecture at Stanford University and the few students around me were taking noted on Laptop. I had my one of the spiral journal and nice pen with me. We all were on the same page and then the time came where one had to draw diagrams and some lines to represent the three dimensional spaces, I kept on going aith the sme speed, while all the students had no easy tool on the computer to note that. They sat still. Once they go back to their notes, I am sure that half of the concepts will be lost. Guess what - it is not very green as the power consumption of the computer is much more than my body energy.

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