Saturday, May 9, 2009

Public Park is underutilized- Start Business in the Park

Yesterday I was at Shoreline park. There were few people strolling around. They are used for walk, and run. Recently I had eight weeks session of Exercise boot camp at three different parks in Cupertino and Sunnyvale, CA. The park has been identified with leisure, back to basics simple activities like taking toddlers, meditation and even romance.

How about starting business in the park- HP and Apple started in the Garages of the residences. Then we moved to Coffee Places such as Starbucks. Why can't we use the public park for brain storming new business ideas. They provide ambiance, fresh air, Greenery, company of birds and small creatures. Also, we do contribute in the existence of the park by paying taxes as local residents. It is Green action and Green is in fashion so Park can be cool place to be seen in.

Artists are known to take advantage of the park. They are smart, they have chosen a place, which not only gives them their growth in their professional pursuit but many extra health benefits. We all architects and Urban Designers need to start designing the props, temporary and Permanent to help our businesses to sprout and come into existence. We should start having popping monitors giving Internet access and still not visible when not in use. I have a whole list of designs which will not change the park's character but instead will enhance it. Keep checking, I will soon add the concepts and sketches on the site.

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