Friday, May 15, 2009

T-Shirt Design for Branding

Finally after two years, thinking and procrastinating on an idea, today the action is taken. A lot of things pushed me to act on it. My day had no meeting today and it was Friday. Well, my last few Fridays have been so memorable that I wanted to make this Friday full of excitement.
So I drove to this place in San Jose and entered this air-conditioned dark office with walls painted black. I gave my Flash card to the office manager. He took the image and put it on the virtual t-shirt in Photoshop. Wow! I put an order to print many t-shirts for both sex. The color of the t-shirt is the same old charcoal gray, which I love because it is perfect background for art work and colors to show off. I will have them with me on Wednesday May 20th and will launch it for the event organized in the evening. I have other 50 designs which I worked 12 years ago with my co-worker. I may get into competition with Woot. I need my son's attention as he spends every morning looking for new t-shirt design at
Anyway, let me share the design however, you need to buy it to enjoy- just $16- first run very cheap.


  1. interesting. second and perhaps the third eyes also exist. may b considered in second and third editions. keep it up. my children liked it very much . how about sending an XXL size 4 Bhargav?!!!thats just as a jesture of appriciation.

  2. Bhargav, Thanks for your comment. You gave me an idea now, I have to rework my graphic. I will have meaning to it and it will be awesome.May be I will send it to you XXL size.