Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glass Pumpkin

The pumpkin is a gourd like squash, varies in size and color from yellow to orange.
An orange pumpkin is the big star of Halloween just like Rangoli for the Diwali festival. There are various folklore and festivities associated with the pumpkin and Halloween. Children in various costumes visit neighborhood homes for “trick or treating”.

During Halloween time, people carve hollowed pumpkins with different designs, put candles in them in the night and arrange them in the front of the houses. Pumpkin craft is very popular in America and other countries.

The craft of pumpkin carving happens in the real pumpkin, but the glass artists have been creating pumpkins by blowing molten glass. In Palo Alto, every year, Glass Pumpkin show is held by glass artists. People come to see these beautiful, translucent and colorful pumpkins interpreted and created by artists. They buy them to display as an art object or to create memory with their family members or just to enjoy its beauty. It can vary in prices based on size, color, intricacies and so on.

Pumpkin and Suburb
I was driving from the soccer game in Palo Alto, CA and saw this beautiful space created by people walking on the green grass, bending down or sitting with the artists, picking up pumpkin to an eye level, touching to feel texture and admiring light they transmit in the sun rays. I had to stop by to experience this event and decide to share with everyone.

The thought occurred to me that this green grass field in front of the Palo Alto Art Center transformed into the live space buzzing with business and creativity. I call that an adaptation of the open space.

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