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Water Features- Private Residence

Water Features- Private Residence
Water is used for our daily basic needs drinking, cooking, washing etc. In our civilized society, we also use water for our psychological needs in swimming pool, hot tub, shower, garden, water fountain and man-made ponds, water falls and so-on. Architects and designers work with the home owners closely to understand their requirements before even any water element is designed. They study the site, sun orientation, use their expertise and choose the shape, form, location and materials for the project. They transform the space, sometimes creating magic.

Here, I am showing two residential designs. Both the architects from Australia in two different projects designed and created phenomenal space for the residents using water feature.
Lap Pool by Architect Robert Mills
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In the first project, architect Robert Mills designed the lap pool for the home owner. The pool is on the same level of the house and edge of the pool is just very close to windows on the side of the house. The frameless glass windows from ceiling to floor allow pool to be visible from inside of the house and visually connects to outside making the residents feel next to water. Thus the location and layout of the pool in relation to the house along with the type of windows bring outside in. Check out the architect’s website and magazine site for more info.

Water Sculpture by Architect Matt Gibson
Another water feature, I love is designed by Australian Architect Matt Gibson. He used many elements to make use of the narrow side yard.  He placed a small cascading water fall on the side of the house along with an eye catching artwork. The side yard in most residences do nothing for the house and occupy some weeds or plants not much enjoyable from the house. He created this extension to the house, an oasis with soothing sounds of the water fountain. The carefully chosen art installation on the side wall evokes the vast feeling of museum.

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Consciously and carefully chosen location, materials in relation to surrounding, shape and form of water feature can transform the space creating lasting impression.

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  1. The water feature is a genius idea. It is the highlight of this architecture . I also like the use of the red colour for the wall behind the cascading waterfall. I think it makes the waterfall stands out in this design.