Thursday, May 6, 2010

Artist in Action -Process is important to final piece

Artist in Action- Art without Brushes

In the city of Mazatlan in Mexico, we came across one store facing busy tourist area. The store was lined up with colorful landscape paintings. However, we stopped at the store not because of beautiful paintings but the action was at a small bench where artist was performing a show.
It was amazing to see him in action. He was wearing respirator and he was spraying on brown board with many primary and bright colors. He did not use brushes but a sturdy piece of card paper and he would scrape off some of the paints in a rhythmic way. We just got mesmerized with the whole movement of his body and the outcome. He would rub this small piece over the sprayed paints and we would just breath out air thinking about final completed beautiful scene and he would take another color can and spray over the almost finished painting. It went on and at one point he decided it was done and he handed the painting to his wife to hang to dry.


I suddenly heard the voice of my daughter asking me to purchase the painting.
How could I say  No?
Well, I ended up buying two sprayed wet paintings suggested by my two teenage kids. Every time, I see them, they are stunning but after I think about the process and story behind them and they suddenly twinkle and talk back to me.
I got inspired by the colors and I decided to experiment on process and colors. I am making a series of  12"x12" digital frames. Check few examples of the color study on  Many more to come soon....

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  1. What a great post. I have often seen these spray-painting guys (they work on the Venice Boardwalk often, here in Los Angeles) and I'm always amazed by what they can accomplish with a dance of spray cans.

    Geoff Hoff