Saturday, May 1, 2010

Waterpool in Los Cabos, Mexico

Water has been my topic for a while. There is something about water which touches me at deeper level. I definitely would love to have my home next to natural water body, specifically ocean. I will have to plan for that. But for now, I am going to write about my experience. I just came back from Mexico trip and encountered a small Inn with restaurant and water pool adjacent to the ocean.

Cabo San Lucas

The exterior terraces step down creating various levels of seating and creating breathtaking view of ocean and its signature arch "El Arco"of Los Cabos. The natural materials such as boulder and stone pebbles are used for transition on vertical surfaces. Also, stone pebbles are used as mosaics along with colored tiles on the flooring. The steps are of different sizes and materials creating little mystery. The swooping curves on the floor mosaics correspond the curved adobe walls. The open bar and cafe is tucked behind the terraces and has just thatched roof supported by columns. The whole design still reflects Mexican adobe style in modern way. I can definitely use few design elements for my future projects.

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