Monday, June 7, 2010

Collaborative Creation

The sign represents Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco. It shows works of many artists, as each letter is made, formed and soldered by different individual. The border has various rectangles which are done by individual members of the guild. Each piece is made up of different material and different process or technique. Each artist had enough freedom to express his or her creativity and uniqueness. My photo does not show enough details to show the artistry. I made ‘a’ of Metal Arts Guild. I used copper, brass and silver. I also made hollow form and combined all the metals with the rivet.

Now when I think of the concept, I am impressed with the leadership of the visionary who came up with the criteria and guidelines to make it possible for many members to participate to represent their guild. If I am not mistaken, that visionary person is Harriete Estel Berman who is also very awesome and visionary artist. Check out her website

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