Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walk Score - Change your behavior


I lived in campus environment, when I was a student and just loved the experience of walking to everywhere. After, while working in city of Philadelphia and commuting by bus and train, I started to love the city. I walked to places and cherished many aspects of the city life. But once I moved to Sunnyvale, a Californian suburb, most of the times, I use car to go to places, I miss walking to do my daily and weekly shopping. But then, I did not have this Walk Score tool to decide on my house . Walk Score is this internet tool where you put your home address and it gives “Walk Score” for your house. http://www.walkscore.com/ 

Real Estate companies like “My Realty” has started using this tool to differentiate homes and giving score for being able to walk for your daily life. I also believe that proximate distance to various places should be additional criteria to purchase the house. Higher the walk Score, the house is in proximity to various activities and should be more sellable.

Think about it, most suburban people did not think of this issue while purchasing their homes. But now, as we all know that driving less creates smaller carbon foot print and walking improves our physical health. If your house is walking distance to Grocery stores, coffee places, book stores, post office and park, and it has high walk score, you must take advantage of walking to the places. It will surely burn some calories.

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