Thursday, November 18, 2010

Breaking The Rules

In Architecture, when one designs space, the basic rules are followed: the rules about  making things perfectly uniform or symmetrical or exact implementation of the program.  Of Course some assumptions are made about human behavior based on well known facts to follow all the rules. The result is well thought out good building and space. That is perfectly fine, but occasionally when the architect breaks the rule, people adapt the space and the place becomes memorable.

The photo is of Seattle Public Library designed by architect Rem Koolhaas. It is the view of one of the lobbies and what you see are the books-shelves not lined up perfectly and people getting the books. The floor has picture of green shrubs and plants inlay-ed in the flooring. It feels like it is the underground water surface. It works perfectly well.  It is like Risk and Reward relationship. Higher risk brings higher rewards if you get rewards. The architect Rem Koolhaas has designed this building with thinking outside the box. This is just one photo of the library. 

Sometimes, I also break rules and take risks. 

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