Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ceilings as an architectural Element - Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the paradise for gamblers and entertainers, but the city has attracted all types of visitors from all over the world. Developers are spending a large sum of money over the buildings to fulfill fantasy of the tourists. Architects, designers and artists are commissioned to make each casino, hotel and public building unique. The casino buildings are designed with themes of palaces (Ceasars Palace), cities (New York, Venice, Paris etc), countries and so on. Tourists walk around the roads and sidewalks going from one building to another all day and night long. The experience of this walking from one casino to another is crowded, glittery, and noisy; kind of expected but inside the building the experience is impressive, unique, surprising and exciting. 


The casino, Venice has the canal lined up with the shops and urban plaza with all restaurants and commerce activities. Everybody seems immersed in the activities and forgetting that it is not outside in the real city but inside the building. The ambiance is created by ceilings, making it appear like real sky.   
The photos of SKY above look like the scene of outdoors with the evening sky in Venice and night sky in Paris. They are the interior of the buildings with clouds painted over a fabric stretched over the ceiling. You walk from evening to night and back to evening time, whatever fulfills your fancy. Of course the lights play major part in it, but that is another post or may be a whole book. 

The casino Ceasars palace has grand architectural domes, columns and sculptures. These buildings show affluence with the use of rich materials and ornamentation. Here the ceilings in the photos are decorated with artworks and lit with LED lights to create the drama and grandeur. The idea of painting on the ceilings are ancient and sometimes they are narrative or symbolic or just pure decorative in nature.

I have to mention the most renowned artwork on the ceilings of Sistine chapel.  “The Creation of Adam”, a famous painting done by Michelangelo in 15th century was commissioned by Pop Julius II. See the Sistine Chapel and the partial painting in the photo Above.

Modern 3D ceiling overlay


The noticeable and remarkable ceilings for me were at two places. See the photo above. First was in Japanese Restaurant – where white painted thin metal, CNC cut out and layered over the ceiling creating beautiful shadow and appetizing ambiance.
The second one in the lobby of Bellagio- translucent blown Glass Flowers have been hung from the ceiling. I recognize that art Installation as I have seen Artist Dale Chihuly’s work at different exhibits. It fits perfect at the lobby of the Bellagio. Visit the site to his work and check the video of his process of creation, beautiful.

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  1. I do remember some of the glass work on the interior side of the domes or ciling in India. This has beed done in palaces and temples. The sheesh mahel (glass palace) film set of "Mughal e Azam" was kept open for visitors for six months after the film was completed. so may be when u do an interior of the casino or a resturent, think of a Sheesh Mahel ciling