Sunday, November 20, 2011

Subterranean River by Stephen Blumberg

Is it co-incidence or what ?  Some unified similar incidences are occurring around me. My son is playing a piece named "Subterranean River" in California Youth Symphony Orchestra today at Flint Center in Cupertino.  I attended a lecture on Sounds of river last week and I am going to listen to this piece by Stephen Blumberg on Sounds of River.

As he describes it in his words- "Early in the process of composing this music I heard in it evocations of moving water, sometimes tranquil, sometimes rushing, even torrential. There was also a sense of underground spaces – dank, dark, cavernous, resonant, and echoing. In one passage the music slows to almost complete stillness and it suggested to my imagination a timeless, voluminous space, cathedral-like, with crystals and hanging stalactites above nearly motionless, pooling water. The various sections of the piece have tempo and character indications – tranquil, calm; murky, menacing; turbulent, rushing – that suggest different types of motion associated with the changing speed and flow of an underground river. I determined the title, Subterranean River, and as the piece progressed the music flowed through a changing succession of scenes and spaces, experienced through an imagined voyage."

I am looking forward to this symphony today. For more, go here

Subterranean River for orchestra was commissioned by the California Youth Symphony and is dedicated to Music Director and Conductor Maestro Leo Eylar.

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