Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gandhi Topi - A simple Fabric Structure

When I was talking to my friend about Fabric Architecture and fabric form, he pointed me about Gandhi Topi. I was amazed to realize the simplicity of the form, structure and material of the famous Gandhian Topi. Gandhi Topi (Cap) is a white colored cap made out of Khadi (Hand woven cloth, either cotton, wool or silk). Anna Hazare with his Gandhian Topi has brought Gandhi Topi in to fashion world.
Mahatma Gandhi, who brought freedom to India would have got an award for his design of this Cap. In designing this national headgear, he considered many factors- The Topi is simple, elegant, affordable, light and portable. Also the pure white color stood out against many colorful turbans and cloths. If it got dirty, it would show on the white color right away and that way it is worn clean. It is so easy to make, just search on youtube videos.
Anna Hazare

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paintings after Visual Analysis

Changes in Paintings after critical examination-

I asked one of my artist friends to review my paintings and made few changes in the paintings. I am posting the same paintings and you can see the changes. I integrated three elements and colors in the first painting. In the second painting, I repeated the architectural wall two times making the urban element dominant. I think the colors are flowing well across the canvas. What do you think?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paintings inspired by urbanization

Attempt to express urbanization through paintings

I made an attempt to express urbanization through paintings. Also, I included flying Saree. The colors are shifted in the photos. They still need to evolve, somehow look incomplete. I have to paint few more to get satisfactory results.
Two Paintings below-