Thursday, March 15, 2012

Digital Art Installation by Peter Wegner

Monument to Change As a Verb-
Few weeks ago, on the way to an event on Stanford University, after parking a car, I came out of an elevator and stumbled upon this large black shiny wall with changing, illuminated words such as sensationally, sensibly, simply and so on. I moved away to the theater to watch the show with my friend but my eyes were reading those words as if I was standing there. Check out the photo I took, while going back to the garage.

 Later I learned that, the art installation, titled Monument to Change as a Verb was by artist, Peter Wegner. These illuminated adverbs were lighting up in specific sequences and groupings on a 14' x 18' long piece. Check out the Video and some photos on Peter's Website.

I love the use of words in the art pieces because it invites and encourages viewers to participate. This piece features 308 adverbs describing ways to change. Wegner describes it as, "A piece that is not about what we do but rather how we do it."

Creative Collaboration-
The artist's vision for the piece was partly funded by Phil Knight, Founder of Nike, alumnus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Another collaboration is the company YESCO, which constructed this flat wall piece from Aluminum and laminated glass panels. White LED lights are positioned so that each adverb can be illuminated individually or in combination with other words. The staff of YESCO also helped to install the piece. The lighting control generates over 80 programmed illuminated scenes and sequences that create various intriguing graphic patterns one after another. Random sequencing of the programmed segments ensures that you encounter various patterns while passing by or standing there, trying to read the words. jokingly, joyously, judiciously, and so on.

The video and photo do not simulate the experience of being there.

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