Friday, November 23, 2012

Love my Tea (Camillia Sinensis)

 A CUP OF TEA........

I just love holding a warm cup of tea all day. I love all kinds of Tea/Cha/Chai/Chay. Camillia Sinensis- an interesting name for a plant and somehow sounds like a name of an exotic woman with a streak of sinful flavor or a hidden musical note just surfaces with surprise.

I drank Green tea in Japan and Black tea in India. But in USA, I drink all black, white, green, yellow, flavored tea; and I even make my flavors by adding ginger or mint leaves or cinnamon powder or cloves or even methi seeds in my boiling cup of tea. Some do taste really weird but hey, I do not mind it, as long as it is in a nice warm ceramic cup.

Guess what- India is declaring TEA as the national drink in 2013, in my opinion, it is late but I vote for that!

Enjoy a cup of tea!

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