Monday, April 22, 2013

Sensuous Spaces created by fabric draping technique

Here is a second part of the previous post:
Fabric Draping in Fashion
Fabric Draping is one of the techniques used by fashion designers all over the world. FABRIC DRAPING  and first thing comes in my mind is Saree. The fist person I saw  on earth was probably my mother, adorned in Draped Saree. It is absolutely an example of  ultimate mastery in draping fabric. I can write a whole book about it or paint many paintings and even use them to create dramatic interior spaces. Just look at the photo below- Saree adorned in Indian traditional way.

However, here I want to use the same format as previous post and talk about the designers using draping to create their signature collection and interior spaces.
Jeremy Laing
This young designer Jeremy Laing creates modern and casual collection using draping cotton, linen and silk fabric.
credit -Jeremy Laing
 Tarun Tahiliani
Also, designer, Tarun Tahiliani from North India is my favorite. He creates a collection from  exquisitely crafted textiles and uses draping techniques which is eye candy to me.
Check out the photo-
Designer- Tarun Tahiliani - Draping the fabric
Fabric Draping in Interior Design
Now let us see similar technique used in creating interior spaces. Below is an example of temporary interior space designed by Tarun Tahiliani. He has draped many thin triangular strips of glittered fabrics with various shades of one color and with night lights, it does create warm and dramatic vibrant space.

Interior Space created by Tarun Tahiliani for a special event
 Gisela Stromeyer
 Another example is of Elie Tahari showroom in New York.  Designer, Gisela Stromeyer, with architecture and dance background has transformed the box like room into fluid, sensuous space, see photo below.  And, she has done this with the use of sheer fabric and draping it to let the fabric be itself. 

Elie Tahari Showroom, by Gisela Stromeyer
Fabric/textile is one of my favorite mediums. I keep coming back to it and I am hoping to work on it to create a temporary or permanent space. 

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