Friday, July 26, 2013

Poem by Rachel Mauser

My friend Rachel Mauser, who is a book artist wrote this poem for the cleaning crew at Penland School of Crafts. I was touched by her creativity and thoughtfulness that I decided to share with you all. To see her work, please click here

Anna, Kyle, Cheryl, and Suzie,
You all deserve to relax
And drink beer out of a coozie.
You work so hard
And you work so long!
You never complain,
Even when you dispose of a thong.
The sessions grow larger,
 The students keep coming
(not to mention the people 
that are just here bumming)
We borrow your brooms
And forget to return,
Use your spray bottles
And cause you concern.
But Core has your back,
And you have ours.
We are in it together,
Making beds, cleaning showers.
So thank you sincerely,
For staying so merry,
For rearranging furniture
According to Jerry.
You sure do a lot,
This everyone knows.
So the place for you in my heart
Just grows and grows.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Colors in the nature!

Hidden colors in Nature

Have you seen various colors everywhere? Sometimes, you see colors when they are not there and osmetimes you do not see colors when they are there. Look at this photo, I took just few days ago of a storage shed.  The morning sunlight was showering this abandoned structure with lights. I saw in details and discovered many colors and identified colors, which are placed around.

Colors distilled out- Credit- Neela Shukla
Earth Colors- Credit - Neela Shukla
Colors can change the structures and buildings. Colors change interiors of the homes. Colors change the overall look of a person. My son just bought purple color shoes, daring! No, he is not gay just daring! Just try them out, if it does not work, just change it.
Manipulated Colors- Credit- Neela Shukla