Thursday, August 15, 2013

Europeans think in colors: Superkilen project in Denmark

Project conceptualization through colors and public participation in creating familiar spaces

Superkilen is a mile-long urban space that cuts through one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Denmark. I was intrigued with this project because the design process seems unique.

The area was divided in to three different segments, named and designed with colors. Green park, Black square and Red Square; you can see in the diagram below. Each area is distinguished by its color with its own distinct character.

Also, this area contains more than 100 different elements of street furniture, play equipment, sculpture, and lighting from the 62 home countries of the project’s inhabitants. Check out the link to inquire further in this project and check out beautiful photos-
Superkilen - 2013 Global award for excellence
 The familiarity of those objects make people connect to the space as well as make them feel safe and secure. I think, it is a tool which can be used in any type of design. This approach was achieved by an intensive process of participatory meetings between local residents and designers. Local company Superflex, landscape design firm Topotek1 and architecture company BIG collaborated with two local government agencies to make this into reality. Collaboration and public participation is must for this kind of large scale project. 


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