Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What is it about mountains?

My thoughts on my experience-
Recent trip of  Blue Ridge mountains have stirred something deep inside me. Going to Mountains keep surfacing in my conversations with friends, regardless of any connection to the topic. What is it about mountains?  I went to trekking trip to Kulu, Manali, when I was 20 years old. Is that nostalgia of childhood memory or just a change of place or just stress free time? I do not think so.
Mountains- Photo Credit- Neela Shukla

As it turns out that many people from urban areas want to climb or go to mountain/s.

There are many reasons people climb mountains or go to mountains. Striking beauty of mountains attract nature lovers and physically fit people as climbing activity coins as youthful and intense. Sometimes, people climb certain mountains or hills because of the religious faith. Many religious structures are situated on the top of the mountains. Because of their religious faith, people go to pilgrimages and end up climbing or trekking mountain trails. These powerful forms of mountains and beautiful snowy peaks or rushing rivers between the valley or swaying trees in the ranges of mountains are the exterior beauty; of course stunning and magnificent in aesthetics. But in my mind, they are still objects and they all have their limitness. They can be described and photographed.

But wait then what is other thing? I am talking about the sublime beauty. It is found in nature and not attached to mountains, or objects or form. Sublime provoks emotions of impossible and it can be attached to limitlessness. It comes from the mind of viewers/climbers/visitors: the subjects. They are the sublime essence of mist in the air, ever-changing, mountains hugging clouds, chirps and songs of the birds, sound of running water or dripping rain drops. Sublime is in the sound of ruffling of leaves and gently pressing breeze against the skin. Sublime beauty is in the wet smell of earth mixed with the wooded trees and many more, which I have not experienced yet.  I know that these are mapped in my memory and I am sure, every encounter with any mountain will add a line or two.

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