Monday, October 28, 2013

This is Life- Who we are!


Yes, my posts are touching various fields and always does not appear to be fitting in "Creativity and Business" heading. They are swinging and circling around the most important thing, aspect or field and it is about human, humanity and people. We all need to be able to live, survive and make use of our skills and talents for the society. When someone steps up or outside while doing their work or while living, that act is inspiring. So I write about what influences me and touches me.  So this post is also little bit off but I am just blown away by the words of Grey's Anatomy TV show.

Here they are-

"We know every connection matters.
Every connection is crucial.
When one is broken, 
it usually means some damage has been done.
The system of connections compels us to act and change and behave;
sometimes seemingly against our will.

It is not random at all. 
It is the map of who we are."
 -  from Grey's Anatomy

 Is that our genetic coding which makes us? or our environment and influences make us? Can we change our behaviors or attitudes? Can we change ourselves? Can we be happy and comfortable if we are not acting who we are?

Below is the musical track going with the words by Mackintosh Braun- beautiful music and words.

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