Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vision, Imagination and Realization!

This post is about three individuals from different fields of work. Each is using his own, unique medium but all are using technology to push the boundaries and creating amazing results (Buildings, Sculptures, Videos). I hope you enjoy reading this.

Frank Gehry, an architect uses cutting age technology and CATIA (3D Cad software and 'Gehry Technologies')and industrial material titanium to bring forth his vision of sculptural and whimsical buildings. They are permanent in nature.
Bruce Monroe, a visual artist and tells stories with the use of light and luminescence He creates heavenly scenes with optic fibers, plastic and blown glass. His installations are temporary in nature and site specific.
Andre Chocron is a digital visual artist and he uses camera and editing technology to create his conceptual idea, His work is ephemeral in nature, it remains with you for long time, but you are just watching it on screen in digital format.

1- Frank Gehry ( from LA, USA) ( Architecture- creating Buildings)
Frank in this video confidently talks about his vision and the process to deliver the designed new building on time and in budget. I am not talking here as an architectural critic, but the power and presence of his buildings are enormous. The shadow and the rhythm of  the forms create fantastic spaces which provides unique amazing experience.

credit- http://www.gehrytechnologies.com/architecture/recent-work

2- Bruce Monroe ( from UK) ( Visual Artist- creating Temporary installation around the buildings)
Bruce Monroe, a visual artist, interested in poetry, music and literature finds his medium as light and creates spcaes which are inspired by his experience in nature. The installation Field of Light, as shown in photo below was inspired by his visit to Desert and experiencing heat and electricity, shine from the floor in the night. His installation lights up in the night and creates enchanting Field of Light in the landscape around the building. The colors, rhythm of the luminescence takes you in to  an enchanted, dream-like world. You can hear his passion and love of nature as well as his poetic thoughts and imaginations in the video.
Field Of Lights, Installation at Cheekwood, Nashville, TN    credit- http://www.brucemunro.co.uk/installations/field-of-light/

Cheekwood 1200 Forrest Park Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37205

credit- http://www.brucemunro.co.uk/installations/field-of-light/

3- André Chocron  ( from Norway) ( Digital Artist- creating digital creation to go with Music)

André Chocron from Norway, who wanted to be a musician but instead is making music videos. He uses the camera as his musical instrument trying to visualize the song in the most interesting way. He combines techniques such as stop motion, simple VFX, time lapse or slow motion with in-camera effects to achieve a certain visual expression. His 'Time is of the essence' music video from the album "Relax; the mountain will come to you" is a great example of conceptualizing, planning and putting together approx. 4 minutes video in a simple but with an amazing effect.
It took him 2 weeks to shoot and 3 months to edit which shows that he was working hard to achieve his idea in to reality.

Below is a clip from his interview-
"The process was pretty much this: We shot timelapse from early evening to the middle of the night, with most of the apartments illuminated for the first couple of hours and most of the apartments dark for the last couple of hours. I used the darkest part as the foundation for the individual sequences, and masked out all windows that were still lit, so that all windows were dark.
Next I made an individual layer for each window with lights on, by using the footage from the early evening. I organized them by creating a masterclip for each window, giving them sequential names and putting them in a grid.
I then put these individual clips on top of the sequence with dark windows to animate the lights going on and off.
PS I used the 4-point-mask, that took some patience...."
Wow, he's not kidding, anybody who has used an internal mask within FCP will know how long things take! Many thanks for getting in touch André.
"Official music video for Cold Mailman - "Time is of the essence".

All three works are very inspiring when you know the stories behind the creators. It made me think this question - What is your instrument to play music?

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