Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Build your own House and City

Participatory approach in visualizing your city! 
In the last post, I talked about handcrafted buildings and objects representing old town and San Francisco. But if you look beyond those beautiful buildings and streets, you see people interacting, dancing and enjoying on the streets. It depicts romantic picture of street life and making it look magical. What makes an ideal place to live?

Urban Designers study and work to make the streets and place functional as well as livable. There are many ways,  they involve local residents in the design development process. Generally this happens at a small project level and rarely at the neighborhood or city level. James Rojas, Los Angeles based Urban Designer has created workshops and exercises in which he invites people to construct model cities where they are led to think beyond parcel and house level. This process breaks the boundary of work done by city planners and urban designers. It allows the community to think forward and visualize the city and neighborhood. The participatory exercises makes them more accountable in the environment they live and be responsible for. Check the photo below beautiful, luminous city made by glass pieces.

 Model City - made up of Glass pieces Credit- James Rojas of PlaceIt

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