Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Village inspired by Charles Dicken's novels

This time of the year is festive, especially in San Francisco. Last week, a Christmas art installation caught my attention and it was a beautifully displayed snow covered village with circling train track around (perfectly designed transportation).  Architects are moving away from card board models to building Digital Models, but there is a strong trend of building model village with these cute, wonderfully, crafted objects. The tradition of displaying snow village through resin or ceramic pieces dates back to renaissance. Each generation and culture has added their part to it, although this village with a train track seems to depict 1900.
The company Department 56 introduced 6 handcrafted porcelain buildings in 1976 and has become a major force in the giftware and collectible industry.  Even, this year, they are planning to introduce The Chrysler Building for the series, Christmas In The City. Check out the photos below-

photo- Neela Shukla


INTRICATELY  DETAILED BUILDINGS WITH LIT WINDOWS, (Sure new additions inspired by different culture)

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