Saturday, December 14, 2013

Optics and layers of information

Below are the photos I clicked and did not capture what I wanted but rather captured much more including surroundings and other information. This is due to light, glass and clicking while walking.  I am also thinking about David Hockney's theory of Optic Aids in those famous realistic paintings as early as 1430.

Photo Credit- Neela Shukla, San Francisco

They are like simple house plan architects design and the layers of information, thoughts and conscious design decisions are hidden there. The Optical aids are definitely needed to see those as not visible right away.

At the bottom the photo shows Linear LED lights and makes the interior look much organized and visually graspable. I always used lights to create ambiance for different tasks in the design, but Optics have gotten in my brain after my visit to De Young Museum and watching David Hockney's exhibits.

Photo Credit- Neela Shukla,  Construction company's office interior, Milpitas

Here the photo of Montage of photos of David Hockney, experiencing them changing vantage points.
David Hockney's Video Montage, Photo Credit- Neela Shukla

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