Wednesday, January 22, 2014

State Of Mind!

2013 in Review and Ready for 2014!
  2003 is over and I have feeling that 2014 is going to be a remarkable year. But I want to talk about that later because 2013 is the year, will always be going to stick out in my life. We all have a year or two which is or are memorable. Sometimes, we come to cross roads where we detour from what we have been doing. Or  we change career or your thinking to live differently.  I would say,  2013 is that year for me, at least for now. It has gone with a big Bang!

My both children went to college in 2013 and talk about change, I can no longer use that excuse of being busy as a mother, for doing or not doing something.  I started to use my time the way I wanted, without feeling guilty. I have let myself loose without being fearful of falling somewhere. I am starting to have courage to express and be who I am and I want to be. Yes, I still use my logical brain to think to make decisions but I am allowing myself to dream again. I have finished one phase of motherhood, which I never thought would enjoy but on the contrary, I have thoroughly and passionately lived and enjoyed it. Still I am a proud mother of my both kids but I play a different role now.  I have less to worry about their values and character development, the society and they have taken over that responsibility.  Thus 2013 has shifted from MOM to ME time.

I could look back 5 months and feel very happy about ME time. I am little lost as what I want to do and How I want to spend my life. Also, I am living my daily life as I did before, but at the higher and deeper level, I am exploring unknown territory, and ready to embrace the new terrain or if it is the same then ready to pave and make it new.

Yes, 2013 has opened all the doors.
It will be etched in my mind.
I was hopping in 2013 and now learning to dance in 2014.

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