Thursday, April 17, 2014

Memories of India in Zanzibar!

During my travel in Africa, someone suggested I should visit an island of stone city. I am appreciating raw beauty of African Country, Kenya but buildings and man-made structures equally excites me.  I flew to the island, named Zanzibar, also known as an island of spice. Zanzibar with a unique history, is infused with the Swahili, Portuguese, Arabs, Indian culture. It is a functional ancient city, designated as a world Heritage Site. People live in the city but have restrictions to change those structures.
I walked around the streets of Zanzibar and remembered my student time, studying architecture; wandering in the streets of Ahmedabad, Mandu and other old cities in India, sketching and talking to local residents, appreciating craftsmanship, culture and food. I exactly did the same. I did not sketch but clicked photos. I am posting just few of them below.


Key Holding Piece!

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Carved Door


Tree growing from the wall

Rain and Coconut Trees (tropical)

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