Saturday, May 17, 2014

Reflection of Culture in Tea Rooms! 1- Zanzibar

Uniqueness gets noticed !
Culture and Rituals in Life and Space!
Tea Drinking Rituals - Zanzibar, Africa

I love drinking tea, I run to heat up  hot water every occasion I get. If someone calls me, while talking, I make a cup of tea. I need to take a break, I drink a cup of tea. Whenever I am stuck in my thinking, a cup of tea helps me. But then, I do not even sometimes remember drinking. It turns out that it is the ritual of making tea makes me more excited than drinking. Of course, I love all different types of tea. So while visiting any new country, I gravitate towards cafe and tea rooms. I came across a tea room in the streets of the Zanzibar island in East Africa. I had noticed it on my walking tour by bright color curtain and had decided to visit it the next day.

After walking in the rain with my sprained ankle in the Stone city of Zanzibar, a cup of tea in Tea Room was like I discovered a gem in the rubble. It reflected local culture and served spiced tea of different variety. They had different types of seating based on your mood. Check the photos below-

View from Outside and View from Inside
Tea Rooms
It was not only about tea but I experiencee the whole rituals of selecting appropriate cup for local spiced tea I ordered. The space and the art pieces around the walls generated that longing for tea. The server with purple, silky attire radiated politeness and sophistication. He gave me free access to Wi-Fi so I could be busy with my digital world and he went to prepare my tea.
It took some time and I could hear some chatter, starting the stove and vessels banging behind the wall. But I did not mind sitting there while  watching people outside from the window.
Each type of tea is served in its own set!
The Tea Room served tasty savory dishes along with small bites of sweets. It also sold beautifully packaged tea with locally grown spices. The uniqueness of the decor, dishes and experience made it  a memorable experience for me. Check the Display below-

Photo Credit- Neela Shukla

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