Sunday, May 18, 2014

Reflection of Culture in Tea Rooms! 2 - Osaka

Simplicity and Nature !
Culture and Rituals in Life and Space!

One of the highlights of my Japan trip was experiencing authentic formal tea drinking ceremony. I will have to save that for the next post, but another experience of visiting a tea room in Osaka was reflective of modern Japanese culture and this Tea Room/commercial tea selling cafe was touristic in nature to give a glimpse of Japanese Tea drinking ritual.
First of all it is of contrast to earlier Tea room of Zanzibar. The location itself is carefully chosen for Tea room. The woman was greeted with nice and calm expression dressed in kimono. The space had the vibe of  tranquility. I experienced calmness with almost subdues colors and natural elements. Tea was prepared in definitive manner with the perfect combination of green powder and water with right temperature. Check the photo below to see interior space.
Simplicity and Tea maker dressed in traditional Kimono
 Even here, like in Zanzibar Tea Room, tea was served with a tiny piece of sweet engraved with characters. Only difference is there was one type of tea, which is green tea and one type of sweet, made up of bean paste.  I did not have to think and decide which one to choose. The whole ritual of taking the shoes out and drinking Tea is supposed to be appreciating the present moments and possibly contemplate!
Simple accessories, muted colors and  natural materials
The wooden lattice windows brought in natural filtered lights through translucent  Japanese paper (Shoji screen).  The walkway leading to the Tea Room was paved with natural stones but they seem to be designed to reflect organic and random pattern.  
Photo Credit- Neela Shukla
This gives me an idea to suggest to my client for thinking of ritualistic space and I am planning to design a corner in my living room, with low seating and comfortable cushions, where I can look out in the back yard and sip a cup of tea imported from many countries and create my rituals.


  1. Neelaji, you have a supplementary career ready! Your writing and photos will put a seasoned Journalist to shame! Please do take to writing---on anything under the Sun!

    1. Thank you for being in my fan club! I really appreciate your comment. When I started this, I wanted to improve my writing and I am glad hearing your words! I still have a way to go, but this means a lot!