Sunday, July 13, 2014

Inner life of Wood Structure!

Breathing Wooden Structure -

My fascination of  wood structures is evident from my past post on Timber bridge, I have written  before two years.  Check it here- Timber Bridge.

I visited the same bridge again on 4th of July in Santa Cruz and this time, I had its anticipation. I crossed the road and walked on dirt path amongst tall trees and I saw more than the bridge, shadows it created on dirt path, the sun was exposing and extending its structure. The beauty of the complexity was captured also in the shadow. I have not even gone over the bridge and have not seen from the top but it surely is live, it was breathing. Check the photo below.
Timber Bridge in Santa Cruz,  photo - Neela Shukla

It inspired me to capture its essence in few colors through illustrations. See few illustrations below.
Capturing the essence of the Structure, Illustrations by Neela Shukla

Wooden Structure Installation!
Again, I stumbled upon this wooden tent in San Jose between the buildings. It had its life too. Wood is a natural element and ideal for temporary and permanent structures. Check it below. The illustration below was through this structure. I had some fun capturing its essence in the art form.

Wooden Temporary Structure Installation, Photo Credit- Neela Design Inc.
Capturing the Essence, Illustration by Neela Shukla

Singing wood-
The wood can get transformed in the hands of craftsmen. There are people, who hunt in Switzerland forest looking for a tree which can sing;  ideal for crafting a perfect violin.

In North America and in Japan, architects use wood in residences, but in the next post, I am going to revisit my all time favorite architect Shigeru Ban's work of  multistory office building in Switzerland. He has used wood to its potential of beauty and strength.

By the way, the link below is a nice video of tradition design for building Chinese Wooden bridges.

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