Friday, August 1, 2014

Wooden Structure in Residences ( Japan & Austria)

Wooden Frame Building - Designed by Toyo Ito,
The light and shadow of the wooden structure of the timber bridge from earlier post reminded me of a simple square house designed by Toyo Ito, commissioned by Tokyo gas. The client invited four architects to design the house of the future, "Sumiko Project".  Toyo Ito did not design the house with futuristic shapes or forms or technology.  Toyo Ito designed a simple, square house under 1000 sq. ft. The rectangular walls were created with geometry of hexagon shaped wooden members and the flat roof was supported by irregularly placed 4 columns. Primary materials used in this house were wood, glass and concealed steel rods. By the way, check the outside walkway to the building, shaped in the same geometry. Now this is creative design using the same traditional materials.


Wooden Frame Building- Designed by Heri & Salli
Another example of creative design of Wooden Frame Building- Designed by Heri & Salli
Vienna, Austria based architect Heri & Salli designed this office for the client "Austrian Facade System Company". The angular wooden shingle covered facades are framed in wooden post and beams. Also, as per current trend of making office fun and play activities, the wooden members are used as play props. Check out the photos below. This is really creative design rather than using tent or play structure inside the office space like Dropbox has done in San Francisco.

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