Sunday, November 16, 2014

ROAD TRIP, see one thing and discover something else!

Geography of California is screaming drought!
Since I was gone out of country for a month, I had not given attention to posting anything. So when I sat to add to my blog, I had this blank mind. Either, I wanted to say a lot or say nothing. I did not want to open a chapter of my trip because I am still digesting everything of it. To get inspired for a topic, I started browsing photos I took before I left for my overseas trip. My "Road Trip" folder inspired me to write about this. This road trip was with my daughter to Los Angeles and the photos were of  California landscape along side the road from the car.

The landscape of California was diverse and captivating. On the first observation, I was surprised to see  diversity in landscape from San Jose to Los Angeles. The colors and conditions of soil, sky, clouds varied every 30 minutes. I decided to post these photos but looking them again, I saw stories of mountains and farms, I saw environmental issues, I saw the impact of drought and water laws of California. I saw the photos of trucks carrying various items and I could see trade and economic activities. So I am posting few of the photos to share with you, which tell a lot. While we were  sharing our personal stories with each other, these beautiful terrain is telling different stories. 

Below are the photos and some brief explanation-

Listening Music, talking, discussing, sleeping - 6 hours drive

Rolling Hills reflecting morning lights, like a Painting  photo credit- Neela Shukla
Dried -up lakes, Dry Vegetation, Cracking soil, California has drought!      photo credit- Neela Shukla
My daughter was my GPS and we landed up on dirt road, Of course- short cut and stunning! photo credit- Neela Shukla 

Large Open Farm Ready for planting!
Dry Land and Lonely Cloud  photo credit- Neela Shukla
Serene Water - receding water level   photo credit- Neela Shukla
Sprinkler on few farms and farmers working,  San Joaquin Valley Regions - Lots of activities of Digging wells to get ground water, where the water table is dropping down quickly. 
photo credit- Neela Shukla

Green Farm in the middle of dry hills, water from wells.
Neglected Cows -no shade and little water, all the attention is on farming right now   photo credit- Neela Shukla
Wells Digging is trending high and soon there will not be water in
Apples, Motor home, Cars, Tires  photo credit- Neela Shukla
Road surrounded by dry hills, occasionally shaded by clouds.   photo credit- Neela Shukla
1- Water right law in California and the rest of the West is markedly different from the laws governing water use in the eastern United States.
2- In most areas of California, overlying land owners may extract percolating ground water and put it to beneficial use without approval from the State Board or a court.
For more info -
These all problems related droughts are not only the consequences of "not enough rain", but the laws regarding water rights in California.

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  1. I was recently staying in a gated community in Bangalore! The huge deep borewells sunk within the property are percolating water from the adjacent properties of the hapless neighbours, but still were not yielding enough to cater to its greedy inhabitants. Everyday, about 100,000 litres of water are then pumped in from tankers from other borewell pirates at exorbitant cost per litre, just so that the community swimming pool could be glimmering in the sun. These commercial borewell behemoths deplete the water table at an alarming rate. The small mans borewell gets silted up and it dies in front of him.

    The rich man just throws his money around, not aware that his children cannot do the same, there will be no water left!

    Rainwater harvesting is a must. Unbridled commercial exploitation of groundwater must stop.