Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thinking of 2014....(part 1)

2014 year is about to be over and 2015 is on the horizon. 
Looking back at 2014, I am pondering....

credit- Neela

*Aphorisms/Proverbs/Nuggets of Wisdom with beautiful photos/graphics/Artworks
I read thousands of blurbs of aphorism, proverbs with or without graphics and photos. They were cited by famous people, leaders and scholars and even laymen and most of them  positive sounding, some philosophical and few funny and most motivational, almost all inspirational in nature. Before  email and internet, we had to make a ton of efforts to get those bites of wisdom. But in 2014, everyone is posting and sending those blurbs. It felt like people communicate in a new language.

*Expanding Perception
William Blake said once, "If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." 
I felt that I managed to expand my perception through travel. I experienced the terrain, people, food, religions, culture and architecture of countries from different continents.  This experience not only brushed up my sensations and feelings but it made me look at my life, contemplate of my actions.  I think that my perception is moving towards not infinite but in broader range of direction.  Well, I have to wait and see how long these effects are going to last!!!!

*Few challenging assignments/projects
This might be related to "Expanding Perception". I managed to accept and work on few challenging assignments and projects. To tackle these, I had to cultivate new ME, which happened or happening due to circumstance and influence of people/friends in my life.

*My relationship with food
This seem like tangible issue and does not fit here but that is not correct. I have started thinking about what I eat and why I eat that. Believe me, I do not have any health related issue! I spend time to plan and prepare interesting dishes, which is new. I improved my relationship with food. I have to wait and see that how long I continue this, I might get lazy about it.

To be continued.....

The next post will not be this abstract.


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