Sunday, May 24, 2015

Magical Space 2

Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC)
Photo credit: Neela Shukla
Earlier I described experiencing magic while strolling out in Sunnyvale Downtown. I also felt uplifting feelings while walking in 115 feet tall steel structure, enclosed with inflated  (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)  ETFE cushions, ARTIC, designed by HOK.
The structure covers 200,000 sq. ft area with views of surrounding landscape. The diffused light and the fluid design of the building forces everyone to stop for a moment to look up and around, to experience the space.  I always wanted to walk under Eden Dome (check out my post- Here ) as it has the same type of  roof. Now that I visited this place, I  can imagine the lights under Eden Dome. This is constructed just few months ago and appears technologically more advanced than Eden Project. Check out the photos below.
Photo credit: Neela Shukla
I was amazed by the building in the day time but the real magic happens when the sun goes down. The installed art, basically LED lighting makes the structure and space vibrant and dynamic. The photos are just little glimpse into magical field.
From Outside  Photo credit: Neela Shukla
Photo credit: Neela Shukla

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Magical Spaces

The Magic of Sunnyvale Wine Stroll

Lately, every time, I visit Sunnyvale downtown, I am under the charm of magic, especially I was completely blown away by the real magic tricks and magic of downtown. I had to analyze so I can capture few ingredients of those magic.
In fact, the real magicians on the street were performing mini magic tricks, was it that or more? Well, I decided to figure it out, So here are my notes-
First of all, I was impressed to see all these parties collaborated for this event;  (small business owners) 20 retails/restaurants/clubs + 17 wineries from surrounding mountains + 20 individuals, magicians and approx. 300 people were all spectators and participants and it was all on Murphy and Washington street  for an afternoon.  "The Magic of Sunnyvale Wine Stroll" was organized by downtown association and sponsored by Sunnyvale City.  Just to get some idea, see the 3D map below-
Stroll on Murphy Street and Washington Street
The other direct reason, I felt the air of magic was what I was doing.  Wine tasting, eating, talking, strolling, shopping with friends and stop in between the stores to watch magics performed by different individuals on the streets. Yes, that can totally relax anyone. The cool thing about it was that these magicians were up close standing next to us and would involve us in the play and story. I got so wrapped into those and still could not get clue about how they did it. Was it magic or illusion?  It did not matter, we were enjoying everything.  I was strolling with a wine glass in hand chatting and laughing sipping of red, white and rose wines, commenting on the acidity and smoothness of wines. Also, many of them were checking out displayed merchandise at certain clothing and accessories shops and few were even helping out the local vendors by purchasing items.  I also could not resist a beautiful summer batik dress.

Oh yes, we checked out this new spinning club and lobby of just recently opened new apartment complex. See the photos below.
Sunnyvale Town with new Residential Apartment 
Magic was at many levels and I felt it. The realization of the concept of  Work, Shop, Play, Dine and Stay has started to work, it does create magical vibrations for community.
By the way, just for fun, there is a magical trick-
Look at the photo below- it is not a trick, it is a magic. The shadow does not show the real object, I learned a trick. :)
Magic in the shadow!!!!