Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dots Per Inch on Wire Fence

Magical feelings by Hands!
Sometimes magical moments are experienced when a large object or art piece appears on your way to somewhere. You are not expecting anything among the urban landscape and suddenly, there you see a large scale poster or graffiti or sculpture. I have experienced those moments while traveling in different country or even on the same route, unexpected object appears. Of course it is not only the scale but the quality of that art or object matters.
I remember one experience while driving to at the San Jose Airport. It is a newly designed airport and that is a whole new post, but this art installation is to cover 7 story parking garage. It is seen from the road far away but the real magic I experienced when I was driving  my car on the road next to the 60 feet tall gray color photo of many hands. I had to click my cell phone, yes, it is not safe while driving, but those magical feelings made me forget about the rules for a moment.
HANDS at San Jose Airport photo credit- Neela Shukla
It was commissioned by artist Christian Moeller. Hands are very powerful part of the human body. In Eastern culture, palmistry is a popular field of studies, where the shape and size of palm and fingers are analysed to predict the temperament of people. Hands are literally and physically the direct link to art, craft and commerce. However the process involved here does not have the direct use of hands. The grey color graphic created by using the photos of hands of over 50 local Silicon valley residents working in different fields, ranging from a surgeon, teachers and students, technologists and construction workers, musicians and poets. Those DPI (Dot Per Inch) of digital images created in photoshop. The white plastic disks installed on wire fence are representing those dots, the fusion of Digital and Real process. 
Yes, It still creates magical feelings when I drive by and look up to glance at it.

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