Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Human and Nature!

I have been lagging off to posting and the reason for it of not having enough ideas.  I am feeling blank in my mind, which is unusual. Generally, I do not run out of ideas to write, and this time, due to my calm mind I am trying to write deep and complex post and it is about "Nature".  I think, other reason might be because I have been spending time in nature, taking an exercise class every week in the surrounding parks, going for a hike near Stanford University and also spending some time to grow vegetables in the garden. I am starting to enjoy the company of nature here in Dry California. To match this state of my mind, I am posting photos of nature along with some sketchy descriptions of my feelings and observations.
Less is Beautiful 
Everyone knows that Human and the Natural world/Wild Environment are not separate entity, they are interrelated. I have noticed and experienced many large spaces or areas where landscape designers, urban designers and architects have masterfully incorporated natural elements along with buildings for people to use and enjoy. I would consider those as one type of relationship with nature. But here I am intrigued by the spaces and areas where minimal intervention is done by human being so the area and spaces still appear wild and in its natural state and feel safe and usable. The best part of these spaces are not only they are functional and tamed enough to lift the human spirit.

Carefully chosen elements and design considerations were perfect to make the nature shine in the photos below.

The steps with small riser, made simply with wooden posts and filled with crushed gold fine dirt are not only comfortable to climb up the hill but makes a smooth and gentle statement.

Copper lotus flower on the chain to guide rain water as well as the smooth, rounded pebbles to hold the chain as well as protect the chain from animals or any mechanical movements by people creates visual rhythms.

The photo of path lights under the starry sky and tucked at the base of the mountains struck me in awe as well as grounded me in the present moments. Well, now, I am thinking back and going into past moments. 

What I see below is a retaining garden wall and  incorporated perfectly with nature by using large boulders on the sides and making variations in height.

I love this dramatic tree with branches varying in colors from Orange to Red to Brown. It is Manzanita. The Placement of this tree was on the top of the hill, at few feet away from the steps at the place where people will rest a moment and enjoy the ongoing changes of the tree, life. See the photos below.

These elements are placed and designed very mindfully. I do believe that nature is a great teacher and we all should learn to use them so they integrate in our life.