Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bold Colors for Museums in San Jose and a Painted village in Mexico.

Bold Colored Children Discovery Museum and The Tech Museum , San Jose.
These both bold colored buildings are the landmark Buildings in San Jose Downtown. It is a focal point for many cultural activities and melts well with the fabric of the city and local community. Both are designed by Internationally well known architect, Ricardo Legorreta, known for the bold-colored splashed walls. They are in my radar and can be seen from different highways. People can enjoy them from different vantage points, driving around and also from walking around the area. Locals also view their colors and shapes from up above the buildings around, while dining on the terraces of the restaurants. See below -
Children Discovery Museum, San Jose, CA
The Tech Innovation Museum, San Jose, Photo Credit- Neela Shukla
Colors used as a solution and a strategy to intervene into the community.

Rainbow painted village Pachuca in Mexico
This project is a perfect example of improvement of the urban and social environment by collaboration of government, community and youth. It created  a largest mural project by just painting houses with bright colors. Check the photo below and for more details go to those both links below. 
Painted village through community effort.Credit- Photograph: Sofia Jaramillo/AP

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