Monday, January 11, 2016

Colors - a tool for problem solving!

Color has been an ongoing topic on my blog. Every kid smiles seeing a rainbow in the sky and brightly colored ladybugs in the soil. Colors are everywhere and everyone sees colors differently. Dogs see only four colors and do not see reds and Butterfly see more colors than human. I do not know how dogs and butterfly feel when they see colors. but I see the color and my eyes flutter and my heart beats little louder which I could hear. I see them in nature and I see them in our environment.

Way-Finding and Landmark

Each one sees the colors differently and also perceives differently. The correct use of color at the right place can help solve some problems which can improve our daily life. Here I am talking about the color improved my few driving moments. See the photos below; which made me think.
While stopping at the traffic light from Highway 280 to San Jose downtown, I see the dark space under bridge and suddenly saw circles of dark blue sky wandering on the concrete walls. It even inspired me do this doodle. See below.
'under the overpass bridge'
Having FUN by Doodling!
Now I remember that exit and do not mind to stop at Red light there. This could have been applied at few other places, specifically driving in San francisco, while passing long underpass bridges as well as walking under those parking spaces. It would be great if the City planners or urban designers could have some LED lights installed or collaborate with artists to show their work under those concrete surfaces. It would be helpful to remember specific spots. It might make us look up at sky too. :)., away from our phone screen.  Well, here is the photo of my idea. All these ideas are flying through in my mind because the residence I am designing has this tall concrete retaining wall and the client does not find much beauty in the concrete wall. So I was thinking of alternate ways to enhance it.

Idea of LED  under the over bridge -San Francisco

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